Saturday, June 30, 2012

Time to Get Moving!

On Thursday night, I got the sudden urge to take a walk. I asked Z if he wanted to join me. He was very enthusiastic. So, we took a 90° F weather. Despite the weather, it was actually fun. We had good conversation and I got to see the new neighborhood next to ours that has been there for years but is just now being developed.

time to get moving!

When we got back to the house, we decided to hop in the car and drive the same path that we just walked. It was just over 1 mile. :-) I know that that may not seem much to some people but, to this lady, it was a great accomplishment!

Yesterday, we decided to take another walk. The temperature was quite a bit hotter so we cut it a little short (but not by much).

It is amazing how envigorated you can feel when you move your body! keep up with the movement!



P.S. Please excuse the poor quality picture. I forgot my iPhone and only had a standard cell phone available. At least I got a picture! :-)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Buried in Work

I know, I know. I can hear what you are asking. "Where have you been these past 4 months?" Well, let me just say that no one should ever under-estimate the impact that stress can have on their lives.

Remember, the project that I posted about here, here, and here? Well, it is still going on and I am totally stressed out about it. Just when I think that everything has settled down and I have issues figured out, another problem occurs. I am beginning to wonder if the project is really worth it. It was supposed to help me, not hinder me.

In addition to this ongoing technology project, we also had this project:

their first dance
Yes, I am now a mother-in-law! C and Mi got married last month. The wedding turned out beautifully! We are so happy that they are beginning this life together.

So, how has all of this stress impacted me? Well, I had a DR's visit last week and my blood work is not good. Levels are elevated all around. My glucose levels are high, my cholesterol levels are high, and, now, my triglyceride levels are high. It has been an emotional week for me. There have been changes in my medication, additions to my medication, and, most definitely, changes in my lifestyle. Despite all of my emotions, I have the support of My Love, the rest of my family, and dear friends...which definitely helps. Even with their support, I still want to hide. I want to put my head in the sand and avoid it all. I want to live my life the way that I want to live it. But my obedience to God and staying alive for my family are more important than my own desires. I must deny myself.

I am not going to deceive myself. I know that these changes are going to be hard. I also know that I can do all of these things because Jesus helps me and He wants me to be healthy and whole! He paid the ultimate sacrifice for my healing, for my forgiveness.

So, I need to focus on what needs to be done...and use this blog to stay accountable.