Sunday, December 4, 2011

Is it worth it?

Our weekend was fabulous! My Love and I spent quality time together, got most of the Christmas shopping finished, and enjoyed some delicious food. However, even though I did not go overboard on eating (aside from maybe our dinner meals), I ended up suffering for the food that I did eat. Unfortunately, I ended up with attacks of GERD both nights and I did not sleep well.

is it worth it?

So I ask myself, "Is it really worth it to eat that delicious food? Could I have enjoyed my meals and still made better choices?" I know that the answer to that question is Yes! In fact, I did make better choices for breakfast yesterday morning. I had a low-carb breakfast and it was still delicious.

I encourage you to ask yourself, "Is it worth it?" the next time that you decide to partake in some type of food or drink that you know could cause you issues afterward.



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