Friday, December 2, 2011

No One Will Ever Know

being sneaky
Have you ever felt like you could secretively do something and no one will ever know about it? I have told myself that lie many times. Perhaps the act will be hidden for a period of time. Eventually, it will be brought to light in one way or another.

This makes me reminisce of the time when My Love questioned our oldest son C (who was about 3 years old at the time) if he had gotten into the chocolate candy that was just recently purchased. C denied that he had anything to do with the missing candy. My Love asked him several times if he knew what happened to the candy. C insisted that he was not involved at all and had no idea. Well, let's just say that we knew that he was the culprit because the chocolate was smeared all over his face. :-)

I believe that, to a certain extent, I have been "sneaky" with food. There are times when I will grab something to eat and then head to another room to eat it quickly before anyone sees me. I know that this is wrong and I know that the sickening feeling that I get afterward is because it is wrong and deceitful.

God is omnipresent (all-knowing). He is everywhere and sees everything. In addition, the Bible has references to the fact that those things that are done in secret will be revealed (Ecclesiastes 12:14 and Luke 12:2). He knows everytime I "sneak" food. He knows before I even sneak it. I do find myself asking for a lot of forgiveness. Thank God that He always gives it!

Well, I am admitting right now that I know that I will eat some things this weekend that I shouldn't. You see...I am about ready to leave on a romantic getaway with My Love. For years, we have gone away for a weekend at the beginning of December. Our anniversary is right around Christmas. So, not only do we celebrate our years together, we also get lots of Christmas shopping done.

I will be back on Monday ready to start this quest of mine. I hope that you will check in with me again.



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